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Smart Agri NPK


Smart Agro Product Kit contains natural proteins, organic NPK, Microelements, Amino Acids, Seaweed Extract, other natural Hormones, beneficial microorganisms and plant growth promoters and regulators etc...

Note: We have already given you the leaflets of Smart Bio Products. Please refer that for information


  • Provides NPK and other Microelements to crops
  • Increases the Flowering in crops
  • Increases the Flower setting
  • Increases the size of fruits
  • Beneficial for color and shining of fruits
  • Increases the disease resistance capacity of crops
  • Enhances vigorous plant growth
  • Fulfills the nutrient deficiencies of the crops
  • Reduces the chemical residues in the soil
  • 100% organic and residue free
  • Increase the soil beneficial micro-organisms in the soil
  • Increases the soil fertility
  • Maintains the soil ph
  • Increases the white roots of the crops


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